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“Darryn takes a very practical, real-life approach to the martial arts and self defense. Whether you’re a beginner or master, your fitness level is going to increase and you’re going to learn from him.”

—David Kern


“As a woman, I was intimidated by my own limitations. But because of Darryn, I feel more confident in my skills and gained a lot of common sense when it comes to self defense. The practice taught me self discipline and I’m way more aware of my surroundings.”

—Angelique Walgamotte


“I was very overweight when I first started training. But I’ve lost 45 pounds since I started six years ago and am much stronger than when I was younger. And it’s FUN! I got my whole family into regular practice, even my two daughters. It’s a family-oriented style of fitness that teaches kids to be kind to others and build them up. And as a mom, it’s a huge confidence builder because I know they can defend themselves.”

—Christy Kotter


“One of the biggest benefits to martial arts is the mental aspect. Regular practice builds self discipline. Darryn is a very confident instructor and will help you gain confidence as well in both your physical and mental abilities.”

—Jack Garrett


“There’s a reason people who have been in it for years have so much lean muscle mass and are so strong like @darryn_80…”



“I recently attended the self defense class fundraiser you had and wanted to thank you. The tips and skills I left with that day have made me feel more confident in meeting people to show homes.”



“Congrats on a very prestigious rank! Can’t think of a more deserving practitioner. I couldn't call my self ‘world champ’ if it wasn’t for your guidance and example through mental and physical preparation.”

—Trey Garret

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